1990 W.Main Street, Mt.Joy, PA 17552


“We are a family business with strong roots in our community. People come here because it’s affordable and fun!”

Fun times, friendly competition, music and great food—people of all ages in Mount Joy, Elizabethtown and surrounding areas in Lancaster County have a blast at Clearview Lanes and Hennigan’s Restaurant and Bar!

“The image of the bowling center has really changed into a place for family fun and inexpensive entertainment,” says Henry Blough of his family bowling lanes and restaurant business. Henry operates the business with his wife, Sharon, and their oldest daughter, and son-in-law, Lisa and E.J. Farwell.

The Blough family– owners for the last 51 years – are life-long bowlers. “Unlike other sports, bowling is a sport you can enjoy playing all of your life, regardless of your age or skill level,” says Blough. “We want to put a bowling ball in the hands of every kid in the area, which is why our focus has been to make Clearview Lanes and Hennigan’s Restaurant a family-friendly entertainment center that attracts more kids to the sport at an earlier age.

Their efforts have paid off, as the restaurant and bowling alley have become a top location for families looking to have some fun together. Parents, grandparents and kids pack the lanes for Family Glow Bowling Parties, they enjoy $1 games of bowling on Sundays until 1 PM and all summer long, kids can bowl free when their parents sign them up at www.KidsBowlFree.com. There is no cost to join and each child gets two free games per day. Last year, Clearview Lanes had over 1,500 kids signed up and nearly 300 moms and dads took advantage of a discounted, full-family package through the program!

What’s also unique is that Hennigan’s Restaurant and Clearview Lanes are attached to each other and Hennigan’s indoor and outdoor restaurants offer expansive seating and plenty of meal options and good times with family and friends.

“There’s a lot more crossover between Hennigan’s and Clearview Lanes than ever before,” says Blough. People will make this their destination for the night—they’ll get friends together to bowl a couple games then hang out and enjoy dinner and drinks on the deck or in the newly renovated dining room!

Also, thanks to Hennigan’s, Clearview Lanes has the only full-service bowling lanes in Lancaster County. “We provide food and beverage for bowling patrons, served directly to them, at their bowling lane. We have many bowlers who set up a ‘Bowl, Buffet and Beverage’ catering packages as well.”  

Bowlers this fall will have more leagues to choose from and encourage beginners of all ages to come out and socialize with others while enjoying a friendly, competitive league environment. “Our leagues are bringing back bowlers who had gotten away from the team sport,” according to E.J. Farwell.

“The leagues are a lot more interesting with themes, prizes, merchandise and even trip giveaways,” says Farwell. “And if you think you need to be a great bowler, or even a good bowler…think again! We love to introduce new people to the sport and offer coaching and lessons if they’re interested in joining a more competitive league in the future.”

“The name of the game is to have a good time,” says Lisa Farwell. Most people say they wouldn’t join a league because they can’t bowl. That doesn’t matter here…most of our leagues are handicapped, which means the scores are averaged out, so teams are more evenly matched. 

“Many of our bowlers come to Clearview to hang out, release stress and enjoy each other’s company. Bowling is simply the activity that brings everyone together. They don’t care who’s good, and who’s not, they’re just having fun,” says Henry Blough.

There are also many local bowling tournaments throughout the year that fill up the restaurant and bowling center. “It’s a lot of fun to compete in these league tournaments on weekends,” says Sharon Blough. “We’re smoke-free, we have great food and while we’re focused on making bowling a favorite family pastime, we haven’t forgotten those who are serious about bowling, too.”

There are various combo events that run throughout the week at Clearview and Hennigan’s. There is catering available for many events, including birthday parties, company team-building events, “lock-in” events for boy and girl scouts, churches and youth programs, as well as several fundraisers for local organizations!

“We have a variety of fundraising package opportunities based on the amount of money the organization is looking to raise,” says E.J. “We can customize any event to meet your needs and clubs are realizing they can keep more of their funds than with selling subs and pizzas. It’s a huge advantage for them.”

In fact, Clearview Lanes has helped the Elizabethtown Boys Club raise an average of $15,000 a year at their annual Bowl-A-Thon. “We’re the largest source of fundraising for the Boys Club and it’s a great time for the kids with a DJ, prizes and a silent auction.”

The Blough family has owned and operated Clearview Lanes for 51 years and Hennigan’s for 36 years, and they all agree their success comes from staying involved in the community and being an integral part of the lives of hundreds of local families.

“We are a family business with strong roots in our community. People come here because it’s affordable and fun, and we do our best to come up with great food, great bowling and creative ways to meet their needs and keep them coming back,” says Henry.

For more information, call Clearview Lanes at 717-653-1818 or Hennigan’s Restaurant at 717-653-9058



1990 W.Main Street, Mt.Joy, PA 17552