1990 W.Main Street, Mt.Joy, PA 17552

Spring 2022 Bowling Leagues

The list below still shows our Fall 2021 Bowling Leagues but ask about our Spring 2022 Leagues and Check Back in February for the New League Info!

Email For More Information: info@clearviewlanes.com

(New Leagues Are Forming NOW for Fall 2021)

L=Ladies  M=Mens ML=Mixed   AC=Adult/Child



Tuesday Seniors  12:30 PM ML 4/team

Wednesday Kraft Seniors 10 AM   ML 3/team

Thursday Early Birds  10 AM ML 3/team



(Visit the Youth Bowling League Page of our website for more detailed information!)

Saturday American 9:30 AM   ML 4/team (Ages 13-18)

Saturday Prep 9:30 AM   ML 2/team (Ages 7-12)

Sunday Family Twosome 12:30 PM (1 Adult/1 Child) 


Monday Handicap 6:15 PM   M 4/team

Monday Majors 8:40 PM   M 4/team (Scratch, 845 limit)

Tues. Businessmen 6:15 PM   M 5/team

Tuesday Pinbells 6:15 PM   L 4/team

Wednesday Rookies 6:15 PM   ML 4/team

Wednesday Sportsmen 6:15PM   M 4/team

Wednesday Hennigan’s Rum Bucket 6:30 PM  ML 4/team

Thursday Donegal Handicap 6:15PM   M 4/team

Thursday Classic Trios 8:00 PM   ML 3/team

Friday Mixers 6:15 PM   ML 4/team

Sunday Crackers 5:45 PM   ML 4/team

(NOTE: All league bowlers practice free all season long on Mondays, from Noon-2 PM and Thursdays from 8PM-10PM.)


1990 W.Main Street, Mt.Joy, PA 17552