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Fundraising Opportunities

A Bowling Fundraiser at Clearview Lanes is straightforward with your organization’s main responsibility is selling tickets. There’s no food to deliver, no products to purchase and it’s not a “rain or shine” event, so you never have to postpone or reschedule!

Clearview Lanes 50-50% Fundraiser

Simply let us know how you’d like to structure your fundraising event, and we’ll split the ticket cost with your organization!

Our typical 50-50% Fundraiser includes:

  • 2 Games of Bowling
  • Shoe Rentals
  • One Slice of Pizza and a Small Soda
  • $7.50 per person

If you sell tickets for $15.00 each, we would charge you $7.50 for the fundraiser package and your organization would keep the other $7.50 from each ticket sale!

Our fundraisers can support 150 bowlers, so if you sell 150 tickets for your event, you would earn $1,125.00 for your group! On the day of the event, Clearview Lanes will provide staff, plates, cups, napkins and handle all coordination, set-up and clean-up for everyone who purchased tickets.

Clearview only charges for the individuals that show up and bowl, so if you sold additional tickets, but purchasers don’t show, you keep the additional dollars for your organization!

Contact us today at 717-653-1818 to learn more about fundraising opportunities for your organization or request more information online!

Clearview Lanes Bowlathon Fundraiser

The Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser takes more work and more planning prior to the event, but has the ability to raise a significant amount of money for your organization!

In a properly run event, with support from several members of your organization, you can raise $5,000-$10,000 in a 3-hour event! Your organization rents out the entire bowling facility and gets bowlers for the event, as well as having the bowlers secure pledges for each game bowled!

Our typical Bowl-A-Thon Fundraiser includes:

  • 5 bowlers scheduled on each of Clearview’s 32 bowling lanes
  • Each bowler rolls 2 games and secures 5 or more donors in advance, who pledge $5 for each game ($10 pledge)
  • Your Organization Sells Lane Sponsorships for your event (Businesses, Other Organizations, Individuals). Each sponsor pays $100, $150 or $200 to get their company’s sign hung over the lane before, during and after the event!
  • Your Organization keeps half of all sponsorship money, pledges and donations for the event!
  • In addition, you can sell food items, raffle tickets, 50-50 tickets and run a silent auction in the facility during the event to increase the success of your Bowl-A-Thon!

Bowl-A-Thon “Sample” Fundraiser

(Based on 5 bowlers a lane on 32 lanes (160 bowlers), each securing $50 in total pledges from 5 donors)

*5 bowlers x $50 pledge amounts x 32 lanes = $8,000

*32 lane sponsors paying $150 each for a lane sponsorship = $4,800

*Total Funds Raised = $12,800

*Clearview Lanes Facility Rental Cost = $6,400

*Total Funds Raised =$6,400.00 !!!

Contact us today at 717-653-1818 to learn more about fundraising opportunities or CLICK HERE to complete our Information Request Form!



1990 W.Main Street, Mt.Joy, PA 17552